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Consulting by Greg Buckles 

Corporate Consulting Services

Symantec Discovery AcceleratorTM Protocol

- Enterprise search of large corporate archives offers unique challenges and pitfalls. Who better than the original designer and recent product manager to guide you through this maze and to make the most of your investment in corporate wide archiving.

Retention Management

- Supporting the design and implementation of practical retention management systems or assessment and recommendations for your current information lifecycle.

Legal Technology Assessment

- Helping you make informed decisions and assemble the components of a discovery solution. Covering enterprise archiving, search, preservation, review and production from the in-house perspective. An independent advisor can take the mystery and confusion out of selecting the right products for your needs and establishing the ROI to justify the capital expenditure.

Discovery Protocol

- The defensibility of your process is only as good as your documentation. In the press of the daily discovery demands, many corporate counsel find themselves handling each new case on an ad-hoc basis. It is difficult to create the documentation needed to establish a standardized response framework, especially given the relatively recent nature of electronic discovery. An expert third party expert can apply industry best practice and perspective to document your discovery protocol.

Discovery Metrics and ROI Reporting

- Corporate counsel is a cost center, not a profit center. To justify the technical and manpower resources needed for an effective discovery response team, you need discovery metrics and reporting mechanisms in place to demonstrate your ongoing cost savings and ROI around new systems.

Legal Hold

- Corporations need help determining appropriate technology, process and documentation levels to practically apply legal holds on their enterprise archives and collections of native ESI. A reasonable process requires validation to demonstrate your due diligence and defend your ongoing records management systems.

Discovery Data Map

- Creating the corporate data map is an essential part of your defensible discovery process. Expert, experienced guidance can facilitate this process and give you a practical framework for your unique enterprise environment.

Industry Consulting Services

Validation Testing

- Independent testing and gap analysis of discovery products and services for software and vendors. Includes recommendations for product improvements and gap remediation.

Acquisition Consulting

- Indepentent assessment and market advise on potential acquisitions and funding for discovery, search and archiving providers.

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