Reason-eD, LLC
Consulting by Greg Buckles 

Selected Experience

Discovery, eDiscovery & Forensics

1989 - Forensic Criminalist with the Houston Police Department's Crime Lab.
Certified as an expert witness in state and federal court. Member of the Clandestine Lab Raid Team.
Trained in evidenciary analysis, chain-of-custody, evidence handling, documentation and overall criminal discovery protocols.
1993 - Founded Paradocs, a small litigation support and consulting company focused on data/document processing in the earliest days of litigation technology support.
Developed high speed review and coding techniques on custom databases and Summation in distributed environments. Design and implementation consulting for medical record and billing systems.


Wide experience in data acquisition, user input systems, processing, conversion, imaging systems.
Enterprise and web application product design and development.
Designed web systems and interfaces for American Computer Education Inc., a ColdFusion distribution online testing platform.
Proposed, designed and tested the Discovery Accelerator for the KVS Enterprise Vault.
Proposed Summation's eDocs & eMail modules and was a primary beta tester for iBlaze and later versions.

Work Experience

Forensic Criminalist - Houston Police Department
Owner - Paradocs - Litigation Support, Technology and Consulting
Analyst - Arnold, White & Durkhee - major IP litigation firm
Principal of Legal Technology & Document Production - El Paso Corporation
Sr. Product Manager of eDiscovery - Symantec Corporation
Director of Consulting - Attenex Corporation

Education & Training

Bachelors in Chemistry - Rice University
Forensic Expert Witness trained
Executive Media Relations trained

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